National MCSA Contacts

The national affairs of the MCSA are seen to by a National Committee consisting of the chairmen of 14 Sections as well as an Executive Committee.

President: Greg Moseley
Deputy President: Francois Searle
Treasurer: Lester Coelen
Secretary: Jenny Paterson
Additional members of the Executive Committee: Carl Dreyer, Steven Adendorff

All the chairmen of Sections are represented on the National Committee (see the Section Web Pages for their contact details).

The convenors of the MCSA national standing subcommittees are:
Access: Richard Sherry
Conservation: Maretha Alant
Expeditions: Ulrike Kiefer
IT: Werner Illenberger
Medical: Eckhart von Delft
Outreach: Camilla Adelle
Search and Rescue: Steve Cooke
Youth: Jenny Paterson

The MCSA is represented on the UIAA Commissions as follows:

Access: Richard Sherry
Mountain Protection: Maretha Alant
Medical: Eckhart von Delft
Mountaineering: Ulrike Kiefer
Safety: Alan Jarvis
Youth: Jenny Paterson
UIAA Legal Experts Working Group: Brian Lambourne

Contact them through the MCSA Secretary (
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